Caterpillar Therapy

Holistic Beauty Treatments


Caterpillar Therapy is a set of therapeutic tools I developed from years of practice of different holistic treatments. The principles of Metamorphic Technique and Rosen Method influenced greatly my work and how I offer treatments today.
The ‘caterpillar walk’ is the foot reflexology technique I use and a gentle yet efficient way to understand your unique mind-body connection is the approach I use in foot reflexology, face and body massages. I believe we all go through changes, continuous transformations and evolving yet into better human beings. We are capable to be our own healers and having treatments is one of the many modalities for awareness, presence and acceptance of our beautiful beings.

My expertise starts with Foot & Face Reflexology Sorensensistem, Holistic Facials and Massage Therapy. I have vast experience and passion for skin care and passionate about facials, with a great interest to design unique treatments for each person.

Two principles are driven motors of my energy: the belief that each person has their own ‘life force’ to direct, heal and be free in life and ultimately treating the body in the holistic way has an impact on beauty while beauty treatments have the power to bring about healing.