Caterpillar Therapy

Holistic Beauty Treatments



I developed Caterpillar Therapy as a therapeutic toolset after years spent practising various different holistic treatments. Based on the principles of Metamorphic Technique and Rosen Method, the ‘caterpillar walk’ is a gentle yet effective foot reflexology technique. Combined with face and body massages, it allows you to better understand your unique mind-body connection, and feel more in tune with your inner being. I believe that we are all constantly evolving into better human beings, and my unique therapeutic approach is the perfect way to give that process a real boost. We need to be aware of and accept ourselves to start this healing process, and these treatments help to do just that.
My primary areas of interest include Foot & Face Reflexology, Holistic Facials and Massage Therapy. My main passion and experience lies in skin care and facials, as well as a belief that each person needs their own unique, tailored treatments to see the best results.
My passion for holistic medicine is driven by two main influences. Firstly, I believe that each and every person has their own ‘life force’ to direct, heal, and set free in life. Secondly, I think that there needs to be more overlap between holistic treatments and beauty treatments. Treating the body in a holistic way helps people to feel more beautiful, while beauty treatments have the power to bring about healing- a win-win situation.