Caterpillar Therapy

Holistic Beauty Treatments

The Caterpillar Experience

Caterpillar Therapy was developed as a therapeutic toolset after years of studying, applying and selecting various holistic techniques. All of the treatments I offer, such as Face and Back Massage, Foot Reflexology and Metamorphic Technique are delivered with the awareness that each session has the potential to support every person’s journey of self-transformation, through all the stages from caterpillar and cocoon to butterfly.

My aim is to give the very best and deliver results to support towards liberation of emotional and physical strains in the facial expression and to bring a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness in the facial complexion and the whole body.

Combining holistic concepts with beauty elements the results translate into outstanding lifting effects, defined jawline contour and plumped fine lines, equally in line with the possibility for wellness results such as prevention of premature ageing and a deep meditative state for the body and mind, best practices for all to recharge.

With regular sessions, there is a shift and transformation in the body, and there is space for creative-unfolding practices and developing bespoke techniques.