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Most people know already the dangers of sweeteners, GM foods and food enhancers in our diet. However, I decided to make a short presentation of the most available to us, and bring some awareness on few important issues: if these foods are not having a visible and direct harming effect on our health, the story is totally different when they are used on a daily basis, and more goes for people suffering with a chronic disease which in my opinion can only aggravate the symptoms, and reduce the good effects of other complementary treatments or even the orthodox one.

Sweeteners, GM foods and food enhancers in our diet
SWEETNERS: Reducing or totally giving up sweetners is hard simply because they cause addiction and once cravings chick in, one knows there is need for serious detox. For saving years of frustration and poor health, I would suggest having a nutritionist supervision or join a local health retreat clinic which will provide a good clean up of body and mind, dealing as well with the emotional downfalls some people may experience.
People will opt for sweeteners in an attempt to avoid sugar. The really bad news are that on a long term, not only that aspartame is addictive and does not help keep weight in balance, but it stores fat in the body. Having recently read an article on Suzanne Somers’s bolg on aspartame I found important information here, and people suffering from MS, systemic lupus and diabetes may want to have a look.
More about aspartame from the leading world authority in the field of health, Dr Mercola: Diet foods
Aspartame is used in diet drinks, slimming products and products for diabetes.

FOOD ENHANCERS like monosodium glutamate (MSG) have been controversial for many years. I was pleading with a passion for making known the negative effects on the body. Most of the time I was reading articles and learning different other names for all these additives while checking frantically the food labels. Well, till I did not need to check for ingredients anymore: I went to a local food store and got shocked at the 100 and 500g bags of 100% pure MSG which was sold on its own!! (pictures attached)
I managed to take pictures and also was told people use it instead of salt for cooking!
Last year I was thrilled to find a restaurant which had a note on their front door saying they don’t use MSG in their cooking! (picture also attached) so there are some good news too.

As for GENETICALLY MODIFIED foods all I knew was that they are really bad for us and the blame should be put on the agriculture system and their herbicides, insecticides etc. As a rule of thumb I decided to avoid corn and soya as they are known to be the top two GM plants.
For a more detail and scientific explanation of GM foods please, visit Dr Tim O’Shea article: Genetically modified foods

100g MSG






500mg MSG





no MSG







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