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Bad news bad news madam. Your uniform is not suitable.

“Clothing at work” may sound futile subject amongst numerous other important issues when it comes to beauty/health industry.

However, not once I had to grind my teeth and swallow my words of disapprovement while I saw different uniforms that companies have “designed” for their therapists. Not once have I given a chance to be asked if I’m comfortable in those clothing.

It all started rather well, with a comfy t-shirt and trousers and then, as I changed jobs, I got to wear: a baggy t-shirt which I would always forget to knot at the back so that I can move freely, a uniform in which I looked like I’m ready to go fishing as the trousers were 3rd length of a leg and a large cotton top very similar with an open parachute. The last experience knocked me really hard and I did not handle it anymore. I had to wear black  tunic (that still required the awkward procedure of pulling it into trousers/skirt), was given literally a black little rucksack that brought back memories, of primary school in the 80’s, of a similar bag but this time with a Snow White on it. I used to hate it.
Anyway, I went along with the job feeling rather as a four years old ready to start school considering all the requests; not to count that I am not an employee but a self-employed person, which in theory gives a human being the right of more freedom than the rigid world of an employee.
Well, 10 minutes was needed and I had full freedom to look for another job. Why? I ought to wear trousers instead of skirt. Why? Reason: some unwritten rules. Why? Just because “professional clothing” in some people’s mind resembles with trousers even when we talk about a woman at work.
A woman imposing to another woman to wear trousers at work just because in a “modern and free world” that is considered norm and there is no space for negotiating your own job, which is dependable of bodily integrity in this case. Now, I literally felt I am in a “man’s world”.
I am a therapist, which by definition implies a large spectrum of skills but mostly requires listening skills and a natural willingness to help people.
With the amount and variety of techniques, with all the training in which I’m told what to voice out of my head and heart to people, with the imposing clothing which restrict me in moving and feeling comfortable in order to give a proper treatment, with the imprisonment of how to treat, how to breathe, what to think and transmit to people over a treatment I wonder, I only wonder where is the little me? Where is the therapist in all these? Where is that human being who is giving the treatment, who wakes up in the morning to GIVE to people, to offer her attention, time and expertise? Does freedom of our human expression totally dissipate when we take upon a job? Does creativity matters at all?

I was given five minutes to think if I change my mind and put trousers instead of skirt. Does anyone know a better word for “ridiculous”?
I mean I don’t need even a minute to know I won’t change my life for a job. If a company has some sort of principles by which it function, even more an individual who joins a group will come with her own values and principles. Surely, to a certain degree I totally agree with rules and clothing requirements, however imposing such strict rules can only over stress people unnecessarily.

Overall, I feel I left a communist society and I very much immersed into another one, only more subtle. To have no choice and freedom of being at work is like I’m signing my papers towards a robot like mind and body to perform what I’m told, do and wear what I’m requested. They don’t need me thinking, feeling, and voicing my opinions, bringing my contribution for an improved company or work performance. They already know best.

It will always be an authority up there (unless we are the brilliant ones to be there) and employees rely on authority. But as individual, I am responsible of evaluating my authority. By nature, we humans have free will and the capacity to think. As individual, I have my little purpose when I get a job and want to achieve my goal amongst others expected, by which means is the way I’m pursuing my happiness. Imposing iron rules makes a company an unhealthy place to be and work. I stay at work more than 80% of my life time; consequently my work is my way of being. To have someone mold every detail of my work is equally resulting in molding my being after those rules, principles or values of the company. I think this is important. My work is important and I love it and the same goes for my life.

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