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Holistic Beauty Treatments

“Spiritual Spa”

Few hours ago I was far from thinking that massage therapy would be considered spiritual by anyone else other than good qualified experienced therapists and/or healers.
Starting work in a comfy environment, some type of cocoon perfect for any therapist to develop to its full potential; the training was the best, the colleagues amazing and clients equally appreciative of our expertise. Surely, I had my butterfly time.

However, later on starting work on my own, different attitudes were met varying from the most very rude ones, simply because massage skills were considered to have been met by anyone (equals anyone can be a masseuse), to what I call waxing reactions which translates to being offered a waxing session price. I am not a good negotiator. I’m actually quite blunt: one cannot negotiate before knowing the service offered. And having rather high standards of training and work, I well know the value of the treatments and can’t sell them cheap.

Going back to the spiritual realm, I was surprised to be at this pampering event where we were told about souls. What souls have to do with a massage techniques event? It turned about to be explained that our bodies contain our souls and consequently the way we care and take care of our bodies affects directly our souls. Nourishing food, awareness of breathing, exercise, and positive attitude completed with good friends and good family relationships are the basic needs of our bodies on this Earth. Surely, our soul will be touched and the next step is to fulfill another aspect of our being here, that of spiritual beings.
A beautiful comparison was made for when we pray our feet stand together and that’s to represent we are fully, for that moment, in the spiritual world, as angels are.

The first ever professional massage I had, transported me right out of this world! I left the place after an hour and I did not feel the ground; it was not walking; it was like stepping on clouds. Not to mention the big dumb grin on my face. It was the most wonderful experience I ever had. Not only because it sorted out my spine, tense muscles, poor circulation, sluggish digestion (wasn’t that bad but I mean it can really sort you out :)) but most importantly because of the power of changing the way one feels. And I mean feels about everything: about one self, about the world. It was like I was put together, body and soul were finally a whole, and oh dear, didn’t I think the world is a beautiful place? Surely, I did think it’s a pink one and flowers are waiting for me home… well, they didn’t but how it made me feel, is what I focus on here.

Many thanks to Kesher and Lisa Moore for bringing back the best feeling about massage therapy and our souls in this world.

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