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Coconut oil and its health benefits

Having found a link on one of my friend’s page about coconut oil and its benefits for people with Alzheimer disease, few hours later opened another similar source I thought this is a sign to send this information out into the Universe, as my lovely reflexology tutor would say!

I have been aware for some time of the benefits of coconut oil but these days seems to be a bloom of information of the health benefits that I ever read.

  • Here is an article on Alzheimer and dementia sufferers and how coconut oil could help, from
  • Coconut oil and reduction of type 2 diabetes symptoms from Garvan Institute, Australia’s greatest medical research institution and internationally recognised as a leader in gene-based medical research.
  • Great information on thyroid conditions and how coconut oil can help, from Ronnie Ingley’s website and one of his article.
  • And a wealth of information from The Coconut Research Center, operated by Bruce Fife, N.D


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