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Reflexology tester sessions – helping people to contribute to their local charities

What is a tester session?

A full reflexology session lasts an hour and all the techniques are applied (e.g. all the neurological points, the maps and areas corresponding to all organs and systems in the body are worked on). In comparison, a reflexology tester session is a sample session of 15-20 minutes of therapy. Due to shorter time, the therapist will normally choose to do few basic steps of the therapy and focus either on points and areas for relaxation, and on minor symptoms their client may feel at that particular moment.

Why is it offered?

Many therapists will offer sample sessions to introduce a therapy when it is totally new to clients or promote one which is not well known but has great potential for improving health.

Who takes a tester session?

A tester session might be tried by people who never had a full session and are reluctant whether to go for a full hour or not. However, many people will regularly book tester sessions to the same yearly events as I have seen at the Vitality Show in London or schools and charity events.

Is a tester session still worthy considering the short time allocated? How does it feel?

As a therapist, I consider a full session is something one has to give it a try for the whole benefits to take place.

However, over the years I got to do more and more tester sessions and have asked people how it felt. The feedback was surprisingly very positive: they felt relaxed, once they laid down they wished it was longer, few were very responding during the treatment feeling tingling sensations in their bodies, and for the face reflexology surely everyone was happy for a quick uplift of the entire face.

Why an organisation/charity would want to offer tester session?

Charities and school health-beauty events have now more often therapists offering tester sessions mainly to raise money for a good cause or financially to support disadvantaged groups of people or schools. It works. As one of the organisers pointed to me, people really love to combine their shopping, looking through beautiful handmade crafts, organic cotton baby cloths, handmade cosmetics, with having a reflexology session; after all that rush they let themselves  fall into a comfy chair while their therapist will work on their feet for 20 minutes. This is simply resting, comfortable and makes them happy their little treat will support the local charity and school.

The last school event where four therapists were present offering foot reflexology and chair massages was very successful and to speak numbers, here it is the feedback from the organisers:

“We raised £2,000 for the school that night, with the combination of our shopping stalls, raffle, and of course the treatments!  The money will be going towards buying laptop computers for the children to use in class (which we have none of at all at the moment!) and to get the school set up with Wi-Fi technology.” Michelle Henley, Mathilda Marks-Kennedy School.

My conclusion

I used to consider tester sessions very limiting in regard to what that therapy can offer in its full length of time. However, it can be an advantage to exercise our theoretical and practical presentation skills and a great way for people to try from the multitudes of therapies and let themselves drawn towards what’s best for them.

A one to one tester session such as client – practitioner is great, however a tester session given and received at an event means multitudes of benefits:

  • promoting the therapy at a faster pace which means efficient networking
  • people may consider to integrate some of the therapies in their health plan
  • people have loads of fun interacting with their friends while being treated
  • people appreciate the variety of what an event has to offer and ways of supporting their charities, schools and different community projects

And not ultimately, our therapeutic work is used not only to treat one person at a time but by offering our skills we contribute the people, our communities and good causes. Looking forward to the next event!


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