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“What would you think of an engineer who expounded the art of flying without revealing the secrets of the engine and propeller? That’s what you do, you engineer of the human soul. Just that. You’re a coward. You want the raisins out of my cake but you don’t want the thorns of my roses. Haven’t you too, little psychiatrist, been cracking silly jokes about me? Haven’t you ridiculed me as “the prophet of bigger and better orgasms”? Have you never heard the whimpering of a young wife whose body has been desecrated by an impotent husband? Or the anguished cry of an adolescent bursting with unfulfilled love? Does your security still mean more to you than your patient? How long will you go on valuing your respectability above your medical mission? How long will you refuse to see that your pussyfooting procrastination is costing millions their lives?”  ― Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man!

If “freedom” means, first of all, the responsibility of every individual for the rational determination of his own personal, professional and social existence, then there is no greater fear than that of the establishment of general freedom.

“I came to consider the instinct as nothing more than the “motor aspect of pleasure.” ― Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm

“The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical. Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.”

“The entire world of past experience was embodied in the present in the form of character attitudes. The person’s character is the functional sum total of all past experiences.

The desire to destroy is merely the reaction to disappointment in or loss of love.

The ‘how’ i.e. the forms of the behaviour and of the communications, was far more important than what the patient told the analyst. Words can lie, the expression never lies.

No headway can be made unless a distinction between the unnatural practices in sexual life and the deeply burred needs for love which are present in every person.

The inhibition of respiration was the basic mechanism of neurosis in general.

Character attitudes can be dissolved by the overcoming of muscular armouring, just as muscular attitudes can be dissolved through the removal of character attitudes.”

“Love is the absence of Anxiety.”  ― Wilhelm Reich

These are few quotes from W.Reich books, The Function of the Orgasm, Character Analysis and Listen, Little Man!


W. Reich was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He worked with Freud, and his research focused on the relation between psychological health and sexual health and their relation with cultural growth.

He also observed and focused his research on universal life force which is present in all human beings and in all organic matter. He called this energy orgone and also invented a device to capture this energy called orgone energy accumulator.

Dr. W Reich was condemned for unscientific claims by the Food and Drug Administration, because of his theories about sexual freedom and his discovery of orgone energy. FDA destroyed the entire equipment in his experimental laboratory and burned his books. They put him in jail where he died of a heart attack.

Reich books influenced my work as a therapist and later on training with Gaston Saint Pierre, my tutor of Metamorphic Technique who also believed and agreed with Reich’s theory, I was able to try an orgone energy accumulator which he had. Since then I’ve been looking to purchase all the materials needed to make orgonite.

Few days ago, it happened I was able to buy orgonite. Orgonite is very special in the way that one can ‘feel’ the crystals and have an attraction to a certain orgonite. Orgonite in the form of jewellery is much more than just a piece of precious metal to which one beautifies oneself. They are not only beautiful, but they emanate energy. They heal the space around and people and living beings.

As the internet and bad mouths are saying there is not enough scientific proof for the benefits of orgone, as I’ve met the same opinions about reflexology, crystal therapy and many other complementary therapies, I can only say if I were not to try all the “unscientific” therapies I would be laying in a convalescent bed till my days will end, awaiting for a scientific proof.


I thank Laura for making the most beautiful orgone!

Sources of info about orgonite:

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