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In few days time I ought to write about the client’ form and why spas, clinics and some beauty salons would ask for it to be filled in. Most of the questions refer to the person’s health and sometimes skin care products used.

About this later, these days I thought how interesting would be if I will make a list with questions clients ask us, therapists. Questions such as, ‘which therapy do you like most offering to your clients’, or ‘isn’t it too much to ‘massage’ smelly feet’, or ‘probably you had enough massaging ugly people’. To this latter one, I stayed perplexed for few good moments. While I was preparing a bolster for my client’s feet and getting her comfortable, I thought I better come with a good answer to this one and found myself saying, ‘everyone has something beautiful’. ‘That’s true’, she replied and treatment started.

Long time ago there was an article about the least stressful jobs and hairdressing was somewhere on top of the list, I believe? I don’t know if they considered complementary therapies, however it is very often when I honestly feel so blessed being a therapist. It moulded me into who I am today because it is not one way road where I offer treatments, give information but I feel I’m given back as well.

With massage therapy and reflexology clients get into a deep state relaxation, whereas facials are a total different story. In a facial treatment women would talk; a lot. I would talk. A lot too, after all I talk about Pevonia. ‘This is such and such cleanser, and I’m doing now an enzymatic peeling to be able to clear the skin to the dermis level’, and parabens are this and the other and so on. And suddenly one way conversation switches to: ‘ …be careful with your thoughts. It’s really important. … and believe. Believe in God it is possible’ . Sure, ‘I’ve just applied a vitaminic concentrate and a collagen cream to seal it in. Here is Pevonia’s leaflet I was telling you about and your sample’.

Tomorrow is another day. How much did I give today to my client and how much did she give me? Every person has their own story like they have their own beauty. Some will share it. Every time I have a cancer survivor as a client it’s such an impact. These people have more than a story to tell they come with a message.

I think it’s equally about the power of our touch as well as the power of your message.

Thank you!

Iuliana Simion, therapist Eden Spa Sibiu

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