Caterpillar Therapy

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From reflexology to metamorphic technique. It’s all about your feet

My great grandmother had a crooked second toe on her right foot. While I was a child, I heard her talking about her toe ‘going to heaven’. Probably it was fascinating for me at that age because that image got stuck in my head for some time. Well, two decades later, I trained as a reflexologist. 

As a therapist, when I look at people’s feet I see maps of organs and systems of the body. I work on these maps with my thumbs in a specific manner and with pressure stimulating all the reflex points in order to balance the whole body. Sometimes the movements used are in circular motion and/or using a technique named ‘caterpillar walk’.

Do toes still resemble with heaven?
Allow me to explain.

Along the interior part of each foot are the spinal reflex points; through that the caterpillar does her walk, her journey, gets through the cocoon stage and transforms in a butterfly. This is a method named Metamorphic Technique (MT). It is about people manifesting their full potential in their lives.

Reflexology works on the physical body, while Metamorphic Technique will look at each person as manifestation of life force, of light and love, of the nature of universe that we reflect. ‘The power of life in each of us has infinite capacity to transform, to heal, to guide, to break through barriers.’ This is what my tutor, G. Saint-Pierre said and for me this is the heaven my grandma talked about.

I feel feet are fascinating. They are the symbol of our life transformations from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Love your feet. Transform your life!

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