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Facials… forgetting about the mirror

I’ve been doing different therapies on people’s faces for some good years. These were mainly the holistic treatments such as face massage, face therapyTM Pure Massage, face reflexology Sorensensistem. In the last two years, as I trained in facials I learnt how beauty industry can put together in just about an hour a multitude of products. I was amazed that the whole session was about using a cleanser – taking it off, using a toner – gently wipe it off, use this enzymatic peeling – make sure to wash it all off, use this raspberry facial oil – take the surplus away and so on. It can go forever. Well, for an hour.

I practice in two locations, use mainly the same steps of a facial, I have more or less the same results depending of the products I use, but what is different is the reaction I get from my clients. In one location the first reaction of a woman after the facial is finished is to grab the mirror and check every inch of skin on her face. Black heads removed – checked, facial muscles looking more toned – checked,  facial expression being more luminous – checked, fine lines significantly diminished – checked, dark circles under the eyes less evident – checked, not looking like a crab – checked. It is a long list but it is done fairly fast and then talked over.

In the second location the outcome is very different. My clients do not ask for a mirror. At least not there and then. They say it was the most relaxing and peaceful thing they’ve had and leave with a big smile on their face.

Me? With a big smile on my face I’m thinking, ‘this is amazing. You forgot about the mirror, but never mind I took care to check everything.
Make sure to check one thing that I can’t do for you: check the state of your heart. Whatever happens there it shows on your beautiful face’.

Just look in the mirror and you will know.


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