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‘I would like some healing, please.’

‘I would like some healing, please.’

This is exactly the reply I got from my client when I asked what results she expects from the treatment.

This may not be an unusual reply to you, but considering the treatment was offered in a beauty spa environment where we wax unwanted hair and paint nails, it was a much unexpected answer to me.

Did I deliver ‘some healing’? No, I didn’t.

I delivered a very good reflexology treatment in a less meditative state than usual because of that voice shouting at me ‘I would like some healing, please. I would like some healing, please’. There is no specific button such as a reflex point for healing, while indirectly all of them contribute to improving the health of the receiver.

In her book, Molecules of emotions, Candace Pert scientifically demonstrates how ‘your body is your subconscious mind’, and Bruce Lipton proves how our environment is more important than our genes.

Holding those two facts in mind, this is what actually happened: I had a client with a very clear focus – healing herself; she came for reflexology because she believed it will help her achieve her goal; and we had the environment – a quiet peaceful and relaxing treatment room.

This is one example out of thousands or more self-healing sessions which will imply belief and readiness of receiving a treatment, a body therapy and a meditative-hypnotic environment to facilitate access to the subconscious and deliver the results wanted.

Did my client deliver some healing for herself? Yes, she did.

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