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I breathe with you

I love a good debate between practitioners, specially when is backed by practical experience.

To ask the client to breathe, to give gentle impulses to ‘take a deep breath’ and add a mini whispered meditation was part of the protocol; a protocol I found hard to follow.  I wanted to have space to detach as Gaston St Pierre would so well say it for metamorphic technique and to stop imposing my good intentions on my clients. As well as adding creative techniques as my best friend, choreographer and dancer, Danai Papa would call them and practice the Buteyko Method instead.

In the meantime, I follow one person: you, the person who is offered a treatment. You direct, intend and breathe. I follow and I work with what you allow me: the depth of the pressure goes with the rhythm of your breath, with your exhalations and let goes of muscle resistance and tensions, as well as inhalations and what you allow and you are ready to take in and to shift into long term change.

I do not any longer ask you to take a deep breath, I wait, I listen, I observe and I breathe with you; when you are ready, for as light or deep as you breathe at the time of the treatment.

Breath synchronicity is a powerful non-invasive tool. It is simple and effortless.

Stay well!

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