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I breathe with you

I love a good debate between practitioners, specially when is backed by practical experience. To ask the client to breathe, to give gentle impulses to ‘take a deep breath’ and … Continue reading

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Reflexology and complementary therapies in cancer care

Reflexology and other complementary therapies are used by people who suffer different health conditions, including people diagnosed with cancer in order to help regain a sense of control, manage anxiety … Continue reading

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The difference between reflexology and massage

What is massage? What is reflexology? What’s the difference? Here are the definitions inspired from the medical-dictionary which has as a source American Massage Therapy Association, International Institute of Reflexology, … Continue reading

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‘I would like some healing, please.’

‘I would like some healing, please.’ This is exactly the reply I got from my client when I asked what results she expects from the treatment. This may not be … Continue reading

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Facials… forgetting about the mirror

I’ve been doing different therapies on people’s faces for some good years. These were mainly the holistic treatments such as face massage, face therapyTM Pure Massage, face reflexology Sorensensistem. In … Continue reading

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From reflexology to metamorphic technique. It’s all about your feet

My great grandmother had a crooked second toe on her right foot. While I was a child, I heard her talking about her toe ‘going to heaven’. Probably it was … Continue reading

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Facials and messages…

In few days time I ought to write about the client’ form and why spas, clinics and some beauty salons would ask for it to be filled in. Most of … Continue reading

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