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Holistic Beauty Treatments


The following is addressed to therapists in regard to working with minors, either in a spa setting or beauty center. To begin with, I am pro-massage all the way: starting … Continue reading

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Recently we’ve had at the spa a number of young people coming for treatments, being offered body massages, facials and reflexology. Having worked previously on clients, 30 to 60 years … Continue reading

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Anti-ageing congress, Bucharest, October 2012

        Few weeks have passed since I enrolled in writing my bit about anti-ageing skin care products. Although I did my research, I found the information overwhelming … Continue reading

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MASSAGE THERAPY “No pain – no gain” myth and why breathing is highly important

  The following article is an attempt to bring some clarity over the massage sessions we offer at Eden Spa, which will include issues such as techniques, pressure, and breathing … Continue reading

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…on how much I love Mr Reich

“What would you think of an engineer who expounded the art of flying without revealing the secrets of the engine and propeller? That’s what you do, you engineer of the … Continue reading

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Reflexology tester sessions – helping people to contribute to their local charities

What is a tester session? A full reflexology session lasts an hour and all the techniques are applied (e.g. all the neurological points, the maps and areas corresponding to all … Continue reading

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Coconut oil and its health benefits

Having found a link on one of my friend’s page about coconut oil and its benefits for people with Alzheimer disease, few hours later opened another similar source I thought this … Continue reading

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