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Holistic Beauty Treatments

Combination Treatments

Back & Face Transformation

85 mins | £130

I started to use this combination of back and face massage after I noticed the connection between tense facial muscles with contracted chest and pain in the shoulders. Therefore, this treatment starts with 15 – 20 mins of back massage. The techniques will loosen the back muscles and bring about flow and movement into all interconnected parts of back, neck, chest and face. It is a collaborative work, whereabout the movements of my hands, forearms and elbow follows the rhythm and depths of your breath. When this communication happens, release of physical and emotional stress is present.

The treatment continues with face massage. Please read more about this here. This combination session is perfect as a starting point and then maintain with shorter facial sessions.  

Face massage has numerous benefits, including strong effects on stress alleviation and psychological relaxation, according to a biomedical research study published in 2008 involving 32 healthy Japanese women. Other benefits are:
• deep sense of calmness
• relief from tension headaches and eye strain
• lifts facial contours and helps to maintain smooth, soft skin
• improved circulation and lymph networks • increase production of collagen and elastin
• reduction of fine lines

Reflexology & Face Transformation

85 mins | £130

This combination of treatments is great for people that need to address the whole body and is exceptionally beneficial for people who suffer with a lot of stress. A bespoke session is delivered and this can include a combination of hand or foot reflexology with a face treatment. While I take a creative approach in the facial treatment, I do tend to use plenty of elements from face reflexology.
Face reflexology involves stimulating points and reflexology zones on the face. The points on the face are known as “neurovascular points”; by adding pressure on them, it results in activating the energetic flow of the correspondent meridian. The reflex zones are further stimulated in a specific manner similar with stretches of the skin; through a network of nerve endings, each zone is connected to organs in the body, giving you full-body benefits.
These sessions are very gentle, and as such they are suitable for everyone. I only use carefully selected skin care products, so even if you have sensitive skin, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of reflexology. Usually, the sessions involve the use of a cleanser, facial oil or shea butter and a final cream.

Face Uplifting Treatment & EMS

85 mins | £130

This treatment combines manual face massage (please see description and benefits here), with added professional well-ageing skin care and Electric Muscle Stimulation technology (EMS).
EMS is used in sport training for enhancement of muscle strength, as a means of recovery and rehabilitation, and as a motor learning tool. On the face, I have used EMS to diminish puffiness, offer an enhanced contour of the face with improvement on lifting the cheeks, improvement of skin elasticity, correcting eye brow drop and many other aesthetic issues. This is a treatment recommended for people who want advanced results in face lifting, boosting own collagen and elastin and enhancing the facial contour.

Research shows that when we contract a muscle, only 30% at best of all our muscle fibres are in a state of contraction. The remaining 70% are dormant, and it is here that EMS comes into play, by potentially electrically stimulating these resting muscle fibres to improve their strength. Also, EMS has a twofold effect: a low intensity setting of the device has a positive effect on improved circulation and capillary density, which aids in nutrient transfer, while high intensity exercise is anti-circulatory as it pumps up the muscles (restricting blood flow).
Please leave a minimum two-weeks gap between your EMS facial and any aesthetic procedures such as Botox and chemical peels. For aesthetic surgeries and dermal fillers, you will need to consult with your doctor to understand the necessary amount of time for recovery however, I recommend a minimum of a month gap. You will be required to sign a consultation form to state the date of your last aesthetic procedure and without this, the treatment cannot be offered and that is in your best interest.

Intra-Oral Face Treatment

85 mins | £165

Buccal treatment is a procedure whereby facial muscles are stretched and worked on from inside the mouth. To carry out this treatment, I might use rose quartz stones, titanium gua sha, wildcrafted shea butter, Eberlin Biocosmetics professional skincare and surgical gloves 
Working inside the mouth, the focus is to diminish tension and pain around the shoulders, neck and jaw areas. The massage movements will vary from static pressure, gentle to vigorous procedures. The techniques target the bones of the face, fascia and facial muscles.
This type of massage will improve blood circulation and oxygenation of cells as well as making the whole complexion tighter, smoother and re-energised. I also chose to combine the intra-oral massage techniques with rose quartz and titanium tools. Not only do they complement the healthy-ageing effect of the massage, but they also make the treatment more calming and relaxing.
Rose Quartz aligns with the Heart Chakra, governing the emotions, and is therefore known as the “love stone”. It can be used to promote self-acceptance and love, and it has an incredibly powerful effect on your self-perception.
Titanium is believed to have the following health benefits.

•  Highly compatible with a person’s body, it never causes any allergies or adverse effects.

•  Enhances the body’s oxygen supply by attracting and capturing oxygen and then transferring it into the body. ‘Wearing titanium ornaments near inflamed areas assists in reducing inflammation through directing oxygen to that region. Oxygen is well known to alleviate inflammation and pain in the body.’ (resource: Guasha Shop)

•  Alleviates pain by stimulating nerves endings present in the sore area to encourage healing. It also has magnetic properties that attract iron-rich blood cells to the affected part of the body. The enhanced blood circulation leads to faster pain relief and better healing.

It is important to be aware that this type of massage is fairly intense, being rather firm and at times uncomfortable; sometimes people report feeling emotional after the treatment. This is completely normal reaction and I recommend to drink plenty of water activated with lemon, mint or other refreshing herbs and take time to rest and relax. It is great to integrate the session with meditation or just a state of inward contemplation.