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The holistic and beauty worlds are a prolific ground for creativity. Using my hands as a form of expression and a tool to transfer facial techniques, I deliver customised facials by putting a tremendous amount of energy, focus and determination to each client’s needs.  I had amazing tutors and together with hundreds of hours of practising innovating techniques to bring them to perfection, I now offer effortless treatments, with comfort and joy.

I understand the struggles and nervousness of therapists to learn new protocols and the unknown territory of new starter companies welcoming their customers to holistic yet efficient techniques. Customers are ever more demanding, wanting quick change and results and I am here to equally help therapists and companies to put together spa menus and high standard training when delivering facial treatments.



Below is short plan for best results of a typical facial protocol and training days and costs, however both parts can be adapted to your business needs.


Facial Protocol Development for 30mins session (up to 7 different techniques)       £750

One day training (8 hours training) for max 4 therapists                                              £1000

Online training (written protocol and videos)                                                                   £500


For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at:

07914 767 062


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