Caterpillar Therapy

Holistic Beauty Treatments

Holistic Treatments

Consultation & Taster Session – Let’s design the best sessions for you and try a mini version of my treatments                 

25 mins | £35

A 25 mins consultation offers an understanding of the best session or combinations of techniques that you need at that moment in time. We asses where you are at within your body, your nervous system and the results you want. It will include a written consultation and a 10 mins taster session for face or feet treatment.
I will be able to recommend the best treatment to you or you may want to opt for long term treatments, in which case a package will be advised.

Caterpillar Face Treatment – Bespoke. Creative.                                             

55mins | £90

This face treatment is my baby creation, is a compilation of techniques mainly on the face that I learnt over the years, redesigned according to your needs. I address upper chest and shoulders, neck, face most of the treatment, and scalp.
I use a combination of:
•  beauty techniques using sustainable and gender-neutral skincare products 
•  a technique addressing the fascia – a tissue that plays a huge role in the final results which might feel slightly uncomfortable however with great release of tensions around neck and jaw
•  I then tend to use elements from facial reflexology, stimulation of these points that are great for relaxation of your mind and whole body
•  And not ultimately, a large part of my session is dedicated to face muscles and I use various massage movements using my hands in slow and very fast manner that will address not only the overall contour but also will have an effect as openness of the chest and inner radiance.

While I take seriously into consideration any skin problems, please be advised this is not a facial treatment. Your skin will look smooth and alive because of stimulation of vascular and lymphatic networks. Due to the movements used, all ingredients are better absorbed into the skin. Even after one session you will see results of lifting, improved facial contour and healthier skin. Sometimes a session can feel intense as we work with your breath and body. If you understand and look for transformative work, then this treatment is for you.

Caterpillar Foot Reflexology.  Your mundane foot reflexology delivered with a twist.                                                                                                                   

55 mins | £80

Foot reflexology is a gentle-to-moderate pressure on the feet applied to specific points and areas that reflect and connect with organs and body systems. We do this in order to tap into the body’s healing capacity. 

I use Ingham Method which is a walk-press-release, ‘caterpillar walk’ technique to complete a session. I also incorporate new findings of double thumb walking, which was developed by Kevin and Barbara Kunz, renown reflexologists from the US. Although some people expect these techniques to be painful, I always make sure to communicate with clients at all times to adapt the pressure to a level that they feel most comfortable with. Gone are the times when pain was inflicted on the body expecting healing. 

From scientific research we now know, the way forward into your healing capabilities is through inner work, self-compassion and allowing your therapist to work with your body rather than your mind. I believe this is such a unique way to deepen yourself inwards, the space and time is perfect for you to create a deeply relaxing meditative state for your mind while I work on your feet and together, we create a healthier future you.
I believe that reflexology is a powerful therapy that can have far-reaching effects on health and well-being. Here are some expected results:
•  Reflexology can help to balance mind and body
•  Reflexology establishes relaxation throughout the entire system
•  Reflexology also helps improve circulation, digestion and aid in better sleep

Metamorphic Technique. Out of this world technique. Experience your inner-being through subtle touch and sensations                                         

55 mins | £80

Very light touch is used with fingertips on the feet, hands and head. These areas correspond to the gestation period, when all the characteristics of our lives are established. The session allows you to simply be and experience the sensations. The therapist is concentrated on staying detached and present to thoughts, emotions or sensations.

In the 1970’s, Robert St John suggested that any events with their attached emotions experienced by a mother during pregnancy will be held in the cellular memory of her unborn child. The metamorphic technique does not aim to remove energy patterns, since it does not look at people as broken or not complete. Rather than trying to fix you or direct your life force in any particular direction, you are empowered through the session to continue with the changes directed by your inner divine source.

The technique is non-invasive, non-manipulative and very gentle, and is therefore suitable for all ages and medical conditions. No skincare products are used. I studied metamorphic technique with Gaston St Pierre, and it had an enormous impact on my approach to my entire practice, reinforcing my belief that as a practitioner, I am here to be humble to your inner self-healing power and transformation.