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Metamorphic technique is a tool whereby the practitioners are using very light touch with their finger tips on the spine reflex of the feet, hands and head.

This particular parts of feet, hands and head were found to correspond to the period of gestation, a time when all characteristics in which we live our life are established.  Since 1970’s Robert St John knew that any stresses, traumas, thoughts, emotions or events experienced by the mother during the time of her pregnancy will be held in the cellular memory of her unborn child.

Robert St John was a reflexologist and found tremendous changes in his clients when worked only with light pressure on specific parts of body and he called his work metamorphosis. His student, Gaston St Pierre later on gave it the name, Metamorphic Technique to focus the practitioner’s attention on detachment and necessity of being present in order for the changes to happen for the client.

A session lasts an hour and no cream or oil is used. There is no need of medical history of the client.

It has a different approach to healing by taking in consideration two main principles: detachment and transformation.

No matter the physical, mental, emotional problem the client is facing at that moment, it is considered that all is needed is detachment of practitioner. This is to allow the life force of the person to do its own work as health changes can only happen from within the person. The practitioner is there only as a catalyst to support and/or speed up the transformation the client will undertake sooner or later.

The metamorphic technique uses no intention to “remove” energy patterns as it does not look at people as “broke” nor “blocked”, it does not seek to “fix” the person nor the therapist intends to impose their will or try to direct the person’s life force in any way. No judgements are made and the client is empowered herself to shift to changes she needs to undertake. It empowers people to be their own healers.

The technique is non-invasive, non-manipulative and very gentle, consequently suitable to all ages. The benefits are deep relaxation and many people will book a session when they may feel tired, at cross roads or simply as a tool for a different approach to their health.


This is a mobile therapy service offered to women in London. 
The price for a metamorphic technique session is £50.
For appointments call Iuliana, 07914 767 062 

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