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Oncology Treatments

Often, doctors and holistic practitioners recommend that those undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or who are recovering from surgery avoid holistic and beauty treatments. While this advice is sometimes warranted, it doesn’t take into account the wide range of gentle treatments that anyone can enjoy- and it prevents these people who are in the most need from accessing healing treatments.

Thanks to my expert training, as well as time spent volunteering as a therapist in a London-based NHS practise, I understand the unique needs of those undergoing cancer treatments. All that experience also allows me to tailor each session to the patient’s unique needs, according to the stage of treatment or recovery they are currently at.

My special oncology sessions are very gentle, to ensure that patients are fully comfortable at all times. They focus on relaxation, relieving pain, and fatigue, as well as helping with skin issues such as dryness. For the latter, I use Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young, a skincare  range specifically developed for cancer patients.


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