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FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is the technique of applying gentle / medium pressure over the reflex points fouprint foot1nd on feet in order to stimulate the body’s healing capacity.

Reflexology is based on Zone therapy. This states that there are longitudinal lines of energy in our bodies that end on our feet, head, face and hands. When pressure is applied, all these energy lines are cleared bringing the body in a state of good health.


I believe that reflexology is a powerful therapy that can have far-reaching effects on health and well-being.

  • This therapy has a preventative role as well as having positive results to balance one’s body when going through illness.
  • Reflexology reduces stress and establishes relaxation in the body. While stress is a normal reaction that can translate into the “Flight or fight” process, prolonged stress is the major contributor to eighty percent of all illnesses
  • Reflexology improves circulation – by stimulating the reflex points the therapist works in opening and clearing the pathways of blood flow through the body. All our body cells are then receiving oxygen, water and nutrients helping the body to function properly

I use Ingham Method which is a walk-press-release, ‘caterpillar walk’ technique to complete a session. I also incorporate new findings of double thumb walking which was developed by Kevin and Barbara Kunz. Although some people might perceive the techniques as being painful, communication between the client and therapist is highly important and I am able to adapt the pressure and focus on the techniques needed in order to offer best results.

Feet or hands reflexology?

Hand reflexology is recommended when there is an injury, an infection of the feet or the patient does not feel comfortable in taking shoes and socks off. Everyone will find this treatment relaxing but in particular people who do a lot of physical work with their hands will find it very beneficial.

face reflexo messageFACE REFLEXOLOGY involves the stimulation of points and reflexology zones on the face and cranial lines on the scalp in order to re-balance the whole body. The benefits of the therapy are numerous starting with deep relaxation as endorphin is released to balance the entire body. The therapy has also a rejuvenating and uplifting effect and people experience a state of deep rest after the session.

The points on the face are called neurovascular points and pressure is used to stimulate these in order to obtain a pulse and to balance the electric flow of the corresponded meridian. Also, the reflex zones are stimulated with stretching movements of the skin; through a network of nerve endings each zone is related and connected with organs in the body.

A combination of techniques developed by Lone Sorensen and Dien’Cham’ Vietnamese techniques are used to obtain best results.

Sessions are very gentle and have no contraindications. Natural organic skin care products are used and usually they involve a cleanser, facial oil or shea butter and a final cream.

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